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The focus of both my private healing practice and my research as a PhD is the process of healing transformation of the psyche by changing old unconscious behavioral and generational patterns.  

I fled the Soviet Union during its violent break-up, and came to California with my then husband and two-year-old son. It was many years before I recognized how profoundly war and violence had shaped my beliefs and my relationships, not only the war of my own generation, but that of my parents and grandparents. Eventually, through studying body-healing techniques especially Qi Gong, Shiatsu, Cranio-Sacral and Visceral Manipulation, I became fascinated by the emotional information that came to consciousness during bodywork, and knew from my own healing transformations that I had found my professional and spiritual path. I utilize all of the different techniques that studied over the years combined with the Relational Somatic Psychology training to

In my own life, my healing path has had a profound impact on my healing practice. Using my own personal experience and discoveries in the healing of trauma, I create a warm, personal and empathic connection with each of my clients to uncover layer after layer, working toward the expression of the authentic self.



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As we meet first time, we will go through the history of you family and you personal history as well as first discovery of how some of the feeling are stored in your body. .  To provide the best service and allow enough time, the first consultation is 1 hour and 30 minutes long  for the price of the 1 hour session. 

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