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The focus of both my private healing practice and my research as a doctoral candidate is healing transformation in the context of "Somatic Psychology" that is, how the experiences of the body, our feelings and sensations, shape our thinking and our sense of "reality".

Cutting-edge neuroscience confirms the practices of ancient healing traditions, which, across the globe, have focused on a three-fold idea of balanced relationship. First, is the body's many internal systems in relationship to each other. Second, is how our personal relationships, especially our primary relationships, create physical patterns in the body that affect how we think and feel. And third, neuroscience confirms that our sense of reality is affected by our global relationship, our sense of why we are here on the planet, why we are alive and how we want to live.

I fled the Soviet Union during its violent break-up, and came to California with my then husband and two-year-old son. It was many years before I recognized how profoundly war and violence had shaped my beliefs and my relationships, not only the war of my own generation, but that of my parents and grandparents. Eventually, through studying body-healing techniques especially Qi Gong, Shiatsu, Cranio-sacral and Visceral Manipulation, I became fascinated by the emotional information that came to consciousness during bodywork, and knew from my own healing transformations that I had found my professional and spiritual path.

In my own life, my healing path has had a profound impact on my healing practice. Using my own personal experience and discoveries in the healing of trauma, I create a warm, personal and empathic connection with each of my clients to uncover layer after layer, working toward the expression of the authentic self.